Friday, August 9, 2013


by Jane Breskin Zalben
40 pages; ages 3 - artists of all ages
Roaring Brook Press, 2012

I wish this book had been around when my kids were young. This is such a fun book to read - imagine: a mouse painting pictures. It's also perfect for taking along to an art museum because it features paintings, drawings, collage and sculptures of modern artists. (Of course, my kids spent most of their time in the Asian collection studying the Samurai armor...)

So, the story: a mouse lives in a museum and one day discovers the section of modern art. She is inspired to paint using different techniques: pointilism, cubism, abstract... It's a fun romp through the history of modern art from a mouse's perspective - especially since she paints mice portraits.

There's four wonderful pages of back matter that tells about each artist: Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol... it's like having a very condensed version of an art history course, but tons more fun.

Review copy from local library.


  1. This sounds great! I love art books for kids. Walker and I paint too. Walker paints with his tail and is quite famous around town.

  2. This one looks great. one of my friends was recently looking for modern art resources for her toddler and this seems perfect.

  3. My husband is an elementary school art teacher--I'll share this one with him for sure! Thanks for recommending it.