Friday, May 2, 2014

a Long, Long Line

The Long, Long Line
by Tomoko Ohmura
40 pages; ages 3 - 7
Owlkids Books, 2013

“It looks like something is about to start. Let’s go take a look!”

And so you go to where the sign says Please Line Up in Single File and you are the very last one in a long, long line. You know it’s the best attraction because you are number 50, right behind the lizard and a mouse. Somewhere up ahead you can smell … yup, skunk’s up there. And farther up, is that the hungry roar of a lion?

Finally it’s time to board the Jumbo Coaster! It’s so big that the pages open, like a gate, so you can see everyone get on board. Then you’re off on the ride of your life, flipping and diving and… I don’t want to give away the surprise at the end. But I will say that the anticipation is at least as much a part of the story as the ride itself. And the riders – well, each has its own quirky personality.

There are lots of Things to Explore in this book: numbers, animals, how they’re lined up, how they relate to each other, a fun word game and some potential danger when the carnivores get hungry.

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  1. Well, a roller coaster full of all the animals! Sounds like quite a ride!