Friday, September 12, 2014

Ziggy's Big Idea

Ziggy's Big Idea
by Ilana Long; Illus. by Rasa Joni
32 pages; ages 5-9
Kar-Ben Publishing, 2014

Morning is Ziggy's favorite time to think up new ideas. He invented a Ziggyball - square, so it won't roll into the street. He invented stilts for his teacher - because the Rebbe is so short. But... they didn't work out so well.

Then one morning Ziggy comes up with an idea for the baker. See, the baker makes wonderful buns, but sometimes they're not quite done in the middle. And Ziggy thinks he's got the solution: get rid of the center.

OK - so maybe this isn't exactly how the bagel came to be, but this is such a fun story, wonderfully illustrated, complete with a bagel recipe at the back an a cool fact about bagels in space.

So, how many kinds of bagels are there, anyway? Here's a list of various flavors I've come across:
Blueberry bagel
Cheddar Cheese bagel
Chocolate Chip bagel
Cinnamon Raisin bagel
Cranberry bagel
Egg bagel
French Toast bagel
Garlic bagel
Jalepeno bagel
Maple syrup bagel
Oat bagel
Onion bagel
Poppyseed bagel
Potato bagel
Pumpernickel bagel
Pumpkin bagel
Rye bagel
Salt bagel
Sesame bagel
Spinach bagel
Sundried Tomato bagel
Wheat bagel

If you've seen other flavors, leave a comment and I'll add them to the list.
And here's the book trailer for Ziggy's Big Idea

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