Sunday, September 22, 2013

Best Foot Forward - Nonfiction Monday

Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, and Claws
by Ingo Arndt
36 pages; ages 3 - 8
Holiday House, 2013

Got feet? So do tigers and beetles and ostriches and monkeys. Feet made for walking. Feet made for climbing. Feet made for swimming, and digging, and leaping.

Photographer Ingo Arndt takes us on a tour of feet around the animal kingdom, starting with a photo of a furry foot with claws.

"Whose foot is this?" he asks. Turn the page and you learn that it's a Tiger's foot. Those soft, cushioned pads allow the tiger to creep up ve-e-ery quietly on its prey.

"Animals have very different feet depending on whether they are big or small, go fast or slow, or travel on the ground, in water, or high in the tops of trees," writes Arndt. He fills the pages with stunning close-ups of ostrich toes and gecko toes, kangaroo feet, lobster claes, starfish tube feet and even caterpillar feet.

Arndt ends with a photo of his foot, bringing the world foot tour back home where kids can take off their shoes and socks and take a closer look at their marvelous feet. From the endpages to the index, this is a fun book to browse and share with a curious young naturalist.

Today is Nonfiction Monday.  That means that bloggers who love children's nonfiction will share the cool books they are reading. It also means that teachers, parents, librarians and even older brothers and sisters can check out what cool nonfiction books are out there. Leave your links in the comments and I'll post 'em here as I get time.
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Enjoy these, and other nonfiction books while reading to children... or to yourself!


  1. Sometimes I can be "all feet" so this sounds like a good book for me. Thanks for hosting this week. At NC Teacher Stuff, I'm featuring the Ultimate Bugopedia:

  2. Sharing some peace: Gandhi: A March to the Sea.

  3. Great concept for a book. Thanks for sharing it! At True Tales & A Cherry On Top, I'm featuring a clever and wonderfully illustrated new book about the writing process -- LITTLE RED WRITING

    Thanks for hosting today!

  4. Have a review of Macauley's Toilet: How it Works at
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  5. Thanks for hosting--I love books that compare one aspect of animals across many species. I need to look for this one. I'm in with a simple reminder to people to start choosing the favorite nf books from the past year to nominate for the Cybils!

  6. Ooh, the feet on the cover of this one definitely are intriguing.

    Today at Wrapped In Foil I have Robots, Robots, Everywhere by Sue Fliess

    Looks like fiction, but it's not :-)

    Thanks for hosting today.

  7. I have a review of The Cart That Carried Martin at

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  8. I have a review of The Tapir Scientist by Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop

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  9. I'm looking at Jemmy Button at Apples with Many Seeds. Thanks for looking after today's event.
    Apples with Many Seeds

  10. Thanks for hosting today! At Booktalking I'm sharing Meat-Eating Plants: Toothless Wonders by Ellen Lawrence

  11. thanks for dropping by and sharing your books! What fun reviews ...

  12. Thanks for hosting.
    My selection is "The elephant scientist" by Caitlin O'Connell and Donna M. Jackson with photographs by Caitlin O'Connell and Timothy Rodwell.

  13. Bookends also featured Best Foot Forward along with Frog Song and we include a couple of Common Core Connections for the use of Best Foot Forward.

  14. Well, this looks like an excellent book! I'm all about feet! I'll have to check this one out!