Monday, February 24, 2014

Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words
by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski
288 pages; ages 12 - 18
Henry Holt & Co, 2013

Sixteen-year-old Samantha D'Angelo has a "dead-end" job - she's spending her summer internship writing obituaries at the local newspaper. She could be swimming, or hanging out at the beach with her friends. Instead, she interviews next-of-kin and close friends of the deceased, hoping that someone (perhaps the editor) will notice her vivid prose.

Until she starts investigating the mayor and possible corruption. What's up with the coffee shop that never seems to have any customers?And how can she get Tony, one of the feature writers and "sexiest man alive" to notice her?

This is a fun, breezy romantic comedy that includes: stolen ideas, garage bands, and way too many coffee runs. A great book for the kid with journalistic aspirations who wants to know what life at a  small newspaper office is like. And the chapter titles are pretty fun... they all relate to the newspaper biz in some way.
 Today is Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday - and you'll find more good middle-grade and YA literature over at Shannon Messenger's blog. Review copy provided by publisher.


  1. I have a niece who writes a story every day and I've sent her a link to your review. Sounds perfect. Thanks for featuring.

  2. Interesting--I'll have to give my middle school writing club kids a heads up, as some of them are interested in journalism. And maybe I'll give myself a heads up, as well. ;) Happy MMGM!


  3. Thanks, Sue, sounds like a great summer read for a writerly kid!

  4. I've actually thought writing obituaries is a job I would enjoy so I have to read this! But from the description it sounds like it might be more of a YA book?

    1. In our library system it's shelved in YA - but I think older "mid-grade" readers might like it.

  5. This sounds like a fun book! I love books with writers as protagonists. Thanks for sharing!