Monday, June 15, 2015

Two early readers perfect for summer

Looking for some new "easy readers" for just-getting-to-read-on-their-own kids who can't wait for Summer Reading? Here's two - hot off the press from Holiday House. Even though they may look like they have nothing in common, they do: both feature a main character who meets with success in unexpected ways. These "I like to read" stories are are written in simple language that will appeal to newly independent readers.

3, 2, 1, Go!
by Emily Arnold McCully
24 pages; ages 4-8

Ann and Bess are playing "school". Min wants to join them, but "you are not ready," says Ann. She draws a line in the sand and tells Min that she may not step over it. When Min leaves, Ann and her friend get back to their game.

But Min isn't a quitter. And she doesn't let anything as thin as a line stop her from joining in the play. So she gathers things: a board, some rope, a tube... then with a fun mix of rocket science and make-do, Min finds a way to join her friends. Without stepping across any lines.

by Kate Parkinson
24 pages; ages 4-8

Grace wants to dance. She tries. She gives it everything she has. But truth is: Grace was not made for dancing - at least not that kind of dancing.

She does, however, have other talents. She loves to draw. And that gives her an idea. A really BIG idea that lets her be part of the dance recital with her friends, but doesn't require a tutu or ballet slippers.

Review copies provided by the publisher.

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