Friday, March 25, 2016

Green Bean!

Green Bean! Green Bean!
By Patricia Thomas; illus. by Trina L. Hunner
32 pages; ages 4 – 9
Dawn Publications, 2016

It's getting close to gardening season...

Theme: gardening, growing


Green bean. Green bean.
And freckles and speckles.

     Freckles and speckles.
     Soon a root and a shoot 

From seed to sprout to plant, this is the story of how beans grow and survive to adult “bean-hood”. 

What I like: The structure. For example, here’s a short bit about the stems growing up a trellis of poles:

Wind roars. Rain pours.
But staked tight, stands right.

            Staked tight, stands right.
            But rabbit could grab it.

I love the way that each page starts with the last line from the previous page.

Beyond the Book:  The girl in this story planted scarlet runner pole beans. There are many kinds of pole beans - I plant rattlesnake beans. Look through a seed catalog for interesting or unusual bean names.

Bean seeds are beautiful  - some are speckled, some splattered like a"paint" pony, and some look like penguins. Cut out pictures of bean seeds and make a collage. OR use bean seeds and other seeds to make art.

Watch seeds sprout. Put different kinds of seeds on a damp paper towel. Slide that into a plastic bag (a gallon ziplock is perfect) and watch them begin to sprout and grow roots. Look at them with a magnifying lens - and draw what you see.

Grow a Book Nook – a shady place to read or nap in the heat of summer. You can grow one by making a tipi trellis of long poles. Plant pole bean seeds around the base of the tipi. As they grow, help them “find” your tipi frame.

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  1. You find the best and most unusual nonfiction books. I love this one and so will kids. My favorite thing to do as a child was to help my dad plant the garden. Loved planting and caring for green beans and peas.

  2. I love books that give kids ideas for something they can do themselves. :)

  3. What a sweet book. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for telling me about it.

  4. I love the formation of these couplets. This would be great to use in prediction exercises.

    1. I agree - it sets up a pattern and expectation. I think kids would have fun trying it in their own writing.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a gem! I can't wait to purchase it and add it to my library. Thanks so much for sharing!