Friday, January 27, 2017

Squirrel in the House

Squirrel in the House
by Vivian Vande Velde; illus. by Steve Bjorkman
80 pages; ages 6-10
Holiday House, 2016

Squirrel is a mischief-maker, but if you know any squirrels you already know how they are. And now it's winter, and squirrel is wondering if there's something better than his cold hollow in the tree.

Cuddles, the dog, gets to go inside the house sometimes. And look, is that a special squirrel entryway up there on the roof? It sure looks like one to squirrel, so he leaps from limb to roof and scrambles to the chimney. Then do-o-o-own he goes. Poof! into the soot at the bottom.

Squirrel, of course, makes a mess... leaving sooty paw prints on the couch, knocking over a lamp. And when Cuddles tries to warn his people, they put him outside. Things get tense, and when the smallest human gets lost, it's Squirrel to the rescue. If he can....

This is fun to read and (if you have squirrels around your home) true to life! Even if you're not a kid, go ahead and enjoy a story that will warm your heart, or at least warm you up with body heat generated by laughing. Review copy from publisher.


  1. This sounds really fun. We have had our battles with squirrels! It reminds me of an episode of (I think it was) This American Life about a squirrel in the house that ends up setting the couch on fire. Quite hysterical!

  2. Is this a new Vivian Vande Velde? She's so great! And so diverse in her writing.

  3. Awwww. This sounds perfectly adorable. I will have to give it a read. Thanks for the post.