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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Tree that Bear Climbed

The Tree that Bear Climbed
by Marianne Berkes; illus. by Kathleen Rietz
32 pages, ages 3-8
Sylvan Dell Publishing, 2012

This is the book about a  tall tree
that was home to a hive made by the bees
who got a bit peeved when disturbed by a bear
who had no business climbing up there....

Marianne Berkes puts a creative twist on the classic "House that Jack Built" and comes up with a story that is not only fun to read - and full of wonderful rhythmic repetition - but also helps explain a whole lot about plants. Beginning with "These are the roots that anchor the tree that bear climbed."

There's soil that feeds the roots, and rain that waters the soil. Berkes builds her cumulative story from the ground up, up, up into the branches of the tree that bear climbed. Only at the end do you learn why the bear climbed the tree. For those who want more, there are four pages of activities for creative minds, including some hands-on plant experiments.

Review copy from publisher.

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  1. That bear on the cover makes me smile! What a unique book! I like the rhyming and the illustration. Will have to look for this one! Thanks!