Monday, December 31, 2012

About Oceans

About Habitats: Oceans
by Cathryn Sill; illustrated by John Sill
32 pages, ages 4- 8
Peachtree Publishers 2012

Once again Cathryn and John Sills team up to introduce children to ecological diversity. This time it’s a field trip into the oceans of the world. Oceans, they explain, cover most of the earth’s surface. And all those oceans are joined together. While Cathryn describes the variety of ocean bottom surfaces – flat and sandy, deep valleys, tall mountains – John illustrates the animals that live in those places: stingrays, scalloped hammerhead sharks, dolphins.

The simple text is accompanied by detailed illustrations. For older readers the Sills have included six fact-filled pages at the back. That’s where you learn that Wandering Albatrosses have 11-foot wingspans, why Beluga Whales are called “sea canaries”, and that Giant Kelp can grow 24 inches in a single day. About Oceans is part of a series that explores deserts, wetlands and other habitats.

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