Friday, March 14, 2014

Bring on the Demolition crew!

by Sally Sutton; illus by Brian Lovelock
22 pages (board book)
Candlewick Press, 2014

My kids loved watching trucks and construction machinery. It didn't matter whether buildings were going up or bridges were coming down - they lived for the noise and rumble and the sight of a crew getting things done.

This is a fun book to read aloud for the rhymes and the noises. There are zips and snaps and cracks  creaks and bangs and crunches - each page is full of wonderful noises that kids will love to shout aloud.

Screech! Scrunch! Rip! Those are the sounds of machinery knocking things down. Those are the sounds of people at work. And after all the concrete has been hauled away, the steel recycled and the wood chipped... there's construction, and a place to play. Hip, hip, hooray!

Review copy provided by the publisher.

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  1. Well, this sounds excellent! I have a Princess who would love this one. I'll be checking it out. Thanks!