Monday, September 21, 2015

Is That a Cat?

Is that a Cat?
by Tim Hamilton
32 pages; ages 4-8
Holiday House, 2015

The cat wants another cat to play with. Looking out the window he sees what looks like a cat's tail.

But no - it's the handle of an Elf's umbrella. And the elf is looking for some rain so he can test his umbrella. Look... droplets of water falling from the sky. Could it be rain?

Nope. It's a bear crying on the roof. Crying because he lost one of his boots. But wait! could that be his lost boot over there?

Nope. But welcome to this crazy story where everyone is looking for something and just when they think they find it, they discover it's something different. It is one wacky chain of events that just might inspire youngsters to look at their world with a bit more imagination. But wait! Isn't this the same author who, just last spring, had us hunting for pirates?

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