Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let's Read Week: Hiding Dinosaurs

Hiding Dinosaurs
by Dan Moynihan
24 pages; ages 4-8
Holiday House, 2015

It's breakfast time, but the eggs are too old to eat. Not only that, they're moving. Next thing you know, they've hatched and the unnamed main character has half-a-dozen baby dinosaurs on his hands.

They're cute. And they're hungry. And if mom sees them ... uh-oh. Here she comes. Whew! she thought they were toys. The problem is: how do you hide dinosaurs?

When they're small it's easy - stuff them under the bed. But what about when they get too big to fit under there? You can only keep your mom out of your room for so long... and eventually she'll find out.

This is a perfect book for dino-loving just-learning-to-read kids. Because, who wouldn't want a bunch of toy-sized live dinosaurs living in their bedroom? Which leads one to wonder:
  • what would you feed these dinosaurs?
  • how fast will they grow? and how big will they get?
  • will they make noise and disturb the neighbors?
To find answers to those questions, you'll need to go on a field trip to the library. Check out the nonfiction section (567's) and also look for some picture books that feature dinosaurs (How do Dinosaurs eat their food? say goodnight? go to school?). Draw a picture of a dinosaur, or make some dinosaur finger puppets to be your reading buddies.

Click here for some more tips on how to get your child to love reading (from Reading is Fun) - and check out yesterday's post for more reading tips.

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