Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's Read Week ~ Online audio e-picture books

The New York State Libraries have a wonderful online resource for early readers. It's called the "Day by Day NY Family Literacy Calendar".

Click on it, and the calendar automatically opens up to whatever day it is. On that page you'll find
  • Sing a Song - a familiar children's song you can sing
  • Try This! - something to do, like count to 10 in a different language
  • Watch! - a short video 
You'll also find two children's audio picture books:
  • One more story - a new book each day that your child can read along with. The words are highlighted as the narrator reads the story.
  • Tumblebook of the day - an audio picture book with phrases highlighted as the narrator reads them. 
Just click on this purple button in the right hand column of the blog (underneath Nonfiction Monday). Have fun!

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