Friday, June 9, 2017

Books that Celebrate Friendships

Have you ever had a friend who was very different than you? These two books take us inside such friendships.

theme: friendship, diversity, imagination

Muddle & Mo
by Nikki Slade Robinson
32 pages; ages 4-7
Clarion Books, 2017

"Yes, Muddle?"
"You're a funny color for a duck!"

Mo and Muddle are best friends - but Muddle is a bit confused about their animal identity. That's because Mo has a "hairy beak" and he quacks funny.

But when they visit a goat farm, Muddle has an epiphany! Mo isn't a duck! Perhaps he, Muddle, is a goat?

What I like about this book: I like the gentle way that Mo helps Muddle sort out his duck identity. This is such a warm - and funny - story of differences, acceptance, and the sort of friendship that transcends all sorts of silliness. The illustrations are sweet, too.

You Are NOT a Cat!
by Sharon G. Flake; illus. by Anna Raff
40 pages; ages 3-7
Boyds Mills, 2016

I am a cat. Meow.

 Duck thinks he's a cat. He wants to be a cat - no matter how many times Cat tells him he's a duck. So duck puts on cat ears and goes meowing about.

What I like about this book: When cat refuses to admit he's a cat, Duck decides he's a parrot. He could be a squirrel. Duck is casting about for his identity. To be honest, he's also irritating Cat with his constant pretending. I also like that the story is written completely in dialog.

Beyond the Book:

Have you ever wanted to be someone - or something - else? Draw a picture or write a story about what happened/

What would you do if you woke up with wings? Or discovered you were a cat/dog/duck/goat... ?

Do you have friends who are very different from you? How do you celebrate your differences? How do you celebrate your friendship?

Today is PPBF (perfect picture book Friday), an event in which bloggers share great picture books at Susanna Leonard Hill's site. She keeps an ever-growing list of Perfect Picture Books. Review copy provided by publishers.


  1. Two fun (funny) picture books plus great ideas to inspire writing and art. I call that perfect!

  2. Poor Muddle. I love how the character names are descriptive of what's to come. Thanks.

  3. Very entertaining choices for children. I love the friendship aspect.

  4. Both books look adorable. I would pick up both just because their covers.

  5. I'm familiar with Sharon Flake's work for older readers. Wonder if this is her first picture book . . .?

    1. Hello Wendy. Sharon Flake here. Yes this is my very first picture book. I wanted to do something fun and different. And I love Sally's ideas for digging deeper into the book with young folks. I will be using them myself, Sally. By the way one librarian is doing a puppet show using the book and the characters. Folks need both the permission of the author and illustrator for that. Meow!

  6. These both sound terrific. I will check them out. Thanks for the post.

  7. Yes I too love the friendship aspect. Such clever and cute picture books kids will love.