Monday, January 13, 2014

Introducing ... Charlie Bumpers

Charlie Bumpers vs. the Teacher of the Year
by Bill Harley; illus by Adam Gustavson
160 pages; ages 7 - 10
Peachtree Publishers, 2013

How can you resist a book that opens with a chapter titled "Disaster Boy"? And a main character - Charlie Bumpers - who means to keep things neat, but then something else happens. Who also finds out that his new teacher is Mrs. Burke, the "teacher of the year"... not only the strictest teacher in the whole school, but also the teacher Charlie hit in the back of the head with a sneaker last year. By accident.

Fourth grade is going to be a tough year for Charlie! And starting the year off with a pair of new sneakers he hates is just the beginning. No matter what he does to get on Mrs. Burke's good side, something else happens. Like the toilet-paper fiasco... it started off as a good idea, but then... something else happened. Then there's the soccer ball rescue operation. How will Charlie survive a whole year without being banished from recess - or worse?

Storyteller Bill Harley (who also sings funny songs) has written a spot-on story about the large fears and small victories that fill a fourth grader's world. But there's more - Charlie has his own blog, where you can get the recipe for his favorite food (train wreck) and see the trailer for this book.

This is part of the Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday round-up. Check out more great reading here. And drop by in March for a blog tour of the newest Charlie Bumpers book. Review copy from publisher.

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