Friday, February 28, 2014

The Cuckoo's Haiku

The Cuckoo's Haiku and other Birding Poems
by Michael J. Rosen; illus by Stan Fellows
64 pages; ages 5 and up
Candlewick Press, 2009

Themes: animals, nature, poetry 

wild turkeys' snow tracks
their arrows point us one way
they go the other 

This book is better than a bird guide! It's a haiku field notebook in which Michael Rosen captures the essential characteristics of twenty-four common North American birds. His spare observations are complemented by the gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Stan Fellows - who details everything from field markings to habitat.

What I love about this book: I like the way it is structured - by the seasons. It opens with spring, and the Eastern Bluebird.

on a staff of wires
blue notes inked from April skies
truly, springs first song

In addition to haiku, Rosen includes field notes: the chestnut throat and breast; the males are darker and brighter blue; that bluebirds are thrushes, related to robins. Fellows paints them perched on electrical wires like notes on a staff which, if I could read music, I could play on my recorder. What tune has he hidden in this illustration?

a summer spread, featuring the Pileated Woodpecker and insect prey
I like the details in the artwork - from showing the insects that the woodpeckers seek to wing bars, crests, and feather details. Each spread becomes a field trip into the world of that bird. At the back of the book, Rosen includes five pages of notes about the birds he features: their mating behavior, food preferences, flight and other things that curious bird-watchers will want to know. 

Beyond the book: Write some bird haiku of your own. Spend time watching the birds at your feeder, or perched on a clothesline, or sipping water from a puddle in the parking lot at the grocery store. Start by drawing or jotting notes on the things you notice about this bird: feathers, crest, color of its beak or feet, whether it has a chin strap, eyebrows or wing bars. What is it doing? Where is it? What is the season and the weather? 

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Today's review is part of PPBF (perfect picture book Friday), an event in which bloggers share great picture books at Susanna Leonard Hill's site. She keeps an ever-growing list of Perfect Picture Books.

On Monday we'll fly over to join the Nonfiction Monday round-up, where you'll find all kinds of great nonfiction for children and teens.  Review copy borrowed from a library.


  1. You DO have birds on the brain today!!! But I won't make a joke about being a bird brain...sorry - couldn't resist. This also looks like another bird book I will have to check out. My library bag is going to be overflowing this week---sooooo many good books.

  2. Oh, my. This sounds like a wonderful book and looks beautiful to boot. I love haiku, I love birds, and I am definitely going to check this book out. Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. Another brilliant bird book! It looks so interesting. I love the haiku. Great activities for kids. Thanks for the heads up on the Nonfiction Monday round-up.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! Where did you get it? Don't tell me you got a publisher copy or I will be SUPER jealous! Good reviewing!

    1. our library system has it... and I loved it so much I bought a copy.

  5. What a lovely way to present a non-fiction book on birds - using Haiku! Thanks for flying over to my PPBF post too :)

  6. I kind of feel like I should buy this for my bird-watching Dad. I think he'd love this.

  7. I'm with Kirsten. I feel like I should get this for my bird-watching mother in law.

  8. Hi, it's the author here! Hello, all. What a treat and a surprise to find this dear book of mine featured on your site! It's true: Stan Fellows is a thrillingly talented artist. (He also illustrated my book, The Dog Who Walked with God, a Kato People creation story. Alas, out of print.) Honestly, this book has been such a favorite of mine...and others. It inspired Candlewick to let me do a dog version, The Hound Dog's Haiku, and (secret: next spring), The Maine Coon's Haiku and Other Poems for Cat Lovers.
    My Website have a few long interviews I did in conjunction with this book...and a PDF that outlines ways to use haiku across the curriculum. Oh, and lots more. There's also a link for contacting case any one wants an autographed book.
    All best...and many thanks for all you're doing for young readers, Michael J. Rosen

    1. thanks for dropping by! Dog & cat haiku - how excellent!

  9. Oh Wow! What a lovely book! My Mom Person has a thing for field guides. This one looks like just the one I need to find for her! And how cool for Mr Rosen to drop in with all the extra fun. I'll have to look for that Dog book!