Friday, November 16, 2012

Bring on the Birds

Bring on the Birds
Written and illustrated by Susan Stockdale
32 pages, ages 2 – 6
Peachtree Publishers, 2011

This is a book I would choose by its cover. Even if I didn’t see the cover I would be hooked by the first pages.

“Swooping birds / whooping birds / birds with puffy chests… Dancing birds/ diving birds/ birds with fluffy crests.” Susan Stockdale’s engaging rhymes and spot-on rhythm, bold and bright illustrations, and her inclusion of honest-to-goodness science add up to a fun-to-read book that can’t be beat.

Stockdale was inspired to write about birds after watching blue-footed boobies perform their courtship dance on the Galapagos Islands. Her well-researched book introduces children to both familiar and exotic birds, from the Robin found in your backyard to the blue-crested Victoria Crowned Pigeon found in Papua New Guinea.

No matter what their colors, or the length of their legs… all birds have feathers and hatch from eggs. For older readers and curious parents, Stockdale provides information about each bird and where it lives.

Themes: birds, diversity
Beyond the book: visit birds in a zoo or aviary; watch birds at parks and outside your yard; help scientists learn more about birds by participating in Feeder Watch.

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  1. What a beautiful books about birds. The cover grabs your attention immediately. And, I like the diversity theme -- and like how it is taught in so many ways. You bring some interesting books to our PPB collection.

  2. You're right, the first lines DO grab me (and the cover does too). Hope to read it!

  3. That text is just captivating and makes me want to delve in and read more - super choice, Sue!

  4. Puffy and Fluffy? Sounds good to me!

  5. This one looks really good! I like anything with Rhythm!

    1. OK, but remember to wipe your paws before turning the pages...

  6. Wow, I love those vivid colors. Birds are always a favorite stop at the zoo. We'll have to find this book. Thanks Sue!

  7. This looks and sounds delightful and educational, Sue! Thanks for sharing!